Peggo app

Peggo app

With the Peggo app can be videos and MP3s from YouTube and SoundCloud just save on the phone. The tool can be fed with either links or provides through an integrated search function to access YouTube. When you have found the song you want, this can either be converted into an MP3 or saved as a video in MP4 format.

The Peggo app: The YouTube to MP3 Converter for mobile phones

There are numerous tools for download or Converter for YouTube or other video platforms. With the Peggo App User songs can be saved directly on the smartphone, in contrast to the other programs. So the annoying synchronization between phone and computer is obsolete.

Peggo app

Save a few clicks favorite songs on the smartphone

The app is simple to use. Directly after the start of the tool is a free text field where you can optionally add the link to YouTube or SoundCloud, or looking for artists and songs opens. Following Peggo connects to the respective service, and quick download of the title to. The Peggo app scores with numerous practical features:

  • High-quality quality of MP3s
  • Start of recording until the first sound; Breaks are automatically removed
  • Automatic volume normalization
  • Supplement the metadata such as album title and release date or -cover
  • Cut function for MP3s and videos.
  • Automatic correction of the title; Additives such as HD or 1080 are removed
  • Real-time recording without waiting

Peggo app Bowie

Legal music download

Even if the recording of YouTube videos is not 100 percent corresponds to the copyright, users have to fear any consequences of the use of a YouTube to MP3 Converter. Recent case law assumes that users simply create a private copy of the song – which is basically legal. The problem this copy is only when the source is manifestly unlawful. This is the case for example with portals like Both YouTube and Soundcloud but users can expect a legally sound source. The only catch is the terms of the portals. So YouTube prohibits in its Terms of the recording of the content provided. However, this must not be accepted at present before a video is playing – or even is added.