Of the TraXEx download is essential for the protection of privacy. He blurred away and extinguished, like no other tool, and is still very fast. Easy to use data shredders is even.

The download of TraXEx to tracks left on the Internet

The program deletes reliable ballast which remains after and while browsing the Internet, such as data in the cache, cookies or temporary files. Moreover, from the software the stored history of the browser and supports all major browsers. Furthermore, bringing the download of a TraXEx data shredders to the computer, which actually finally destroyed the deleted files.

TraXEx download

TraXEx operates in the background, allowing for more privacy

TraXEx tinkers silently in the background while the user is working on his computer. This ensures steadily for more privacy – even on the Internet. Furthermore The tool also deletes Windows and program histories, so no one can track usage on the PC. In addition, the data erasure tool for following comforts ensures:

  • it searches for duplicate files
  • it displays disk usage
  • it removes program residues that can be left in the uninstaller
  • There is space on the hard drive free
  • it removes unwanted dialer

These are very many features, but there are other tool that securely erase free to download.

look & Feel secure data eraser

The layout of the software is a good size and very clearly designed. On the left side are the four largest menu items which "delete tracks". "settings". "Extras" and "info" are. With these four buttons, the user navigates easily through the tool and can adjust, for example, whether or not it wishes to make to delete the files manually rather time-controlled.

TraXEx - the track Enver wiper download menu

Thus the mechanism of tools automates and he can also ensure active protection while working on the computer.

Limitations of TraXEx

30 day trial