PDF Annotator

PDF Annotator

With the PDF Annotator Download provided office workers their PDF documents with their own comments and annotations. The shareware provides some useful tools for comfortable highlighting selected text passages.

Download PDF Annotator edit PDFs and Mark

PDF files can be edited, highlight and change quickly and easily with PDF Annotator. Who wants to add annotations to PDF documents, whether comments, corrections, signatures, highlighting or even photos and drawings, has with the PDF tool a valuable resource to hand. A particularly useful feature is the software proves if you leave short comments on a long document or fill in the form or contracts directly on your PC and want to return it by mail. Notes or sketches can be mounted in the document and illustrate their own ideas and suggestions in a clear way.

PDF Annotator Download

remove or hide comments by mouse click

Upon completion of processing the shareware stores files without any loss of quality back in the same format. Thus, no special software to view the notes and comments required for the viewer. The original documents can be at any time recover and remove the comments with a single click or hide. Anyone who owns a graphics tablet with an appropriate pen or a tablet PC, adds his comments or corrections simply handwritten one.

make your own stamps for PDFs

Quite handy symbol stamp with a wide range of modern symbols. PDF Annotator brings here already with over 330 predefined stamp. With a date stamp, the user provides a PDF document with the current date and it has the choice of different date and time formats. It is possible to customize with the PDF tool also own stamp and thereby convert notes or combinations of handwritten text and images in stamps and use.

PDF Annotator download stamp

Insert The PDF Annotator sketches in documents

PDF Annotator creates extra blank pages for more extensive comments, just in case more space is needed. Additionally, the user adds on request documents together, copied pages or reorders in their order. Thus the shareware makes useful in the full version as a sensible alternative to Adobe Acrobat. Just students, faculty and other teachers benefit from the versatile functions of shareware, whether forms filled out, inserted sketches in documents or training courses are held. Those looking for more free PDF tools, will find in our extensive download catalog. Useful PDF tool for students and teachers With PDF Annotator download can be Edit PDF documents fairly straightforward, mark and comment. Numerous tools, a note function and marking features are included to read directly on the screen a document correction or corrected. Especially the use of tablet PCs, the Shareware proves particularly recommended.

Limitations of PDF Annotator

30 day trial.