DIN 276 Converter

DIN 276 Converter

With the DIN 276 converter download Employees get the construction industry such as architects and engineers makes a useful aids to the hand of the bills tested. which is integrated into Excel, the tool brings fee and eligible costs in line.

DIN 276 converter download as protection for workers in the construction industry

Architects and engineers in the country providing services to projects in the field of urban planning, civil engineering or architecture who are familiar with HOAI. These fees for architects and engineers (HOAI) governs the fees and is binding. In 2009, the HOAI was reformed and with many changes. For example, an arbitrary time fees has been introduced which the fee table values ​​were increased by 10 percent compared to 1996 and a smaller number of output content can be controlled binding. Due to the reform, many fee invoices are in the old HOAI often not verifiable, A this point reaches the DIN 275 converter download that ensures HOAI-oriented costing and correct auditability. The user has two key advantages. More assurance that bills be paid, and less effort for invoicing.

DIN 276 converter download

Construction Software closes gap lack of auditability

Invoices, which are made after the fee structure before 2009, often lack auditability. The cause is due to the determination of the cost of construction, which prior to 2009 refers to the HOAI to the old DIN. Architects have when settling a complicated way to go, because in principle they must create two cost calculations. First, they must, if they charge by the HOAI before 2009, they must create the construction costs for the current state of DIN 276th but the construction costs, which they can deduct for their fee just is not this, but the DIN 1981. This must therefore be separately determined. Who wants to save time here, and calculates the fee charged only based on the current DIN, risked his entire fee. So builders have to Supreme Court ruling of 1998 the right to fee payments, which lack accountability to refuse. And is made often use exactly this right. In order not to risk losing the fee nor for hours to waste with the costing, there are downloading DIN 276 converter.

DIN 276 converter facilitates costing

The converter is a simple tool that can be integrated into Excel. The program can easily handle all versions of Excel from the 1997th The tool helps to create verifiable cost calculations, because the DIN 276 converter determines current DIN 276 (2008-2012). If the user enters his own expense, in the background, the mapping is performed on the old DIN. At the end of the program is costing according to the new and the fee invoice to the old DIN. Since the HOAI 2009 to DIN 276-1 (2008-2012) refers, a conversion to the DIN 1981 is no longer necessary. The user therefore saves extremely much effort. Note: The free demo version allows the estimation of costs for an infinite number of projects. Calculation and estimate, however, to have only the commercial version. Expenses made by HOAI easily Architects and engineers get to the DIN 276 Converter download a helper from the series construction software and crafts programs at hand. The tool takes care of a correct test capability, which in turn ensures a smooth payment process, thus protecting the biller.

Limitations of DIN 276 Converter

The cost estimate is free, cost calculation and estimate with restrictions.