Free Language Translator

Free Language Translator

The Free Language Translator provides translations for more than 50 world languages. The freeware makes use of the free Google translation service and does require an active Internet connection an installed Microsoft .NET Framework Framework.

Translating text to the Free Language Translator Download

The surface of the free Free Language Translator is shown graphically simple but functional. In the left pane to select the source language manually or by automatic detection of. The translatable text you transfer either by copy&Paste;Manually or via file import. Free Language Translator imported documents in formats Word, PDF, HTML or subtitle files as plain text. In the right pane of Free Language Translator, the user then selects the target language via pulldown menu. Whether English, French, Russian, Chinese or Spanish. The free translator uses for translations on Google Translate to and provides one-click button "Translate" seconds a machine translation. This is usually not perfect, but at least provides an orientation to capture the content of the text.

Free Language Translator Download

Free Language Translator delivers fast-understand translations of foreign texts. Since the freeware has to rely on online resources for the work of translation, the translator will lose his translators qualities without an active web access.