At the Gomorrah stream everything revolves around a criminal organization in the Italian Naples. The sophisticated television series based on the book by Roberto Saviano and tells an exciting inside story of the Camorra. We tell whether Gomorrah is available at Netflix via Netflix app as well as on Sky, Amazon and max cathedrals. Learn More Now, even for Gomorrah Season 2!

Gomorrah stream over the Neapolitan Camorra

Ciro (Marco D'Amore) lives in the troubled districts Scampia and belongs to the most powerful and influential Mafia syndicate Camorra. He is the right hand of the mighty godfather Pietro Savastano (Fortunato Cerlino) and makes him do the dirty work. He is initially a loyal clan member, but gets increasingly doubts about his future in the murderous organization.

As Pietro requires him to sacrifice his own clan members, Ciro includes a secret pact with a rival clan and finally emerges as the new boss. However, his position has proven to be very vulnerable, especially Pietro manages to escape from a psychological clinic and striking out a bloody revenge.

Gomorrah streamGomorrah Stream: Exciting TV series based on the bestseller by Roberto Saviano. Source: Sky

The author Roberto Saviano now lives underground

Gomorrah contains so many controversial background information so that the Italian writer and journalist Roberto Saviano now under police protection and has to live underground because it is threatened by organized crime. was shot directly in some strongholds of the Camorra near Naples, including Casal di Pricipe and Scampia.

Gomorrah Season 2 with 12 one-hour episodes

Gomorrah was first broadcast in the Italian pay-TV operator Sky Italia from May 6-June 10, 2014. The Gomorrah Season 1 ran in Germany from October until December 2014 at the pay-TV channel Sky Atlantic. In German Free-TV is Arte had secured the rights and presented the Gomorrah Season 1 from 8 October, 2015.

Meanwhile, the Friends of the exciting Mafia series may already excited about the Gomorrah Season 2 with 12 one-hour episodes, which started at the same time on May 10, 2016 Pay-TV on Sky Atlantic in Germany, Great Britain and Italy. In May 2016, the producers confirmed that the Gomorrah Season 3 is largely completed and a Gomorrah Season Season 4 is already commissioned.

Gomorrah Stream on Sky, Amazon and max cathedrals

Who wants to see Gomorrah online, use the Stream Gomorrah. Within a movie flat rate, it can be accessed only at Sky. Customers of Sky Go and Sky Online can look forward to the first two seasons Gomorrah. Friends of the TV series, after all, the Gomorrah Season 1 can get a charge on the VoD provider Amazon and max cathedrals. however, Netflix customers, unfortunately, have to fit: Gomorrah Netflix is ​​currently unavailable.