Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

With a Alien: Isolation Download the user fetches alien horror fun on the computer, which is not bad. Here is what this game is not about the hunt for aliens but reversed to escape from them and to basic survival.

A download of Alien: Isolation ensures pure goosebumps

This game is absolutely not for the fainthearted: while it is in most games of first-person view shooter games, it comes in Alien: Isolation about alive to come from the remains of a spaceship. That this is a very complex undertaking that gamers noted soon after the Games start, because: All on their own, he is now in the face of enemies – and of these, the gamer has plentiful. On one side would be as the Alien, a Xenomorph, but on the other hand, there are still remaining survivors of the spaceship and androids that have become incredibly paranoid because of the constant escape from the monster, and the protagonist, speak the gamer, also want to kill , To prevent this, the gambler must combine skill and strategy, pick up various objects and from tinkering weapons and defense articles and diversion. A bit of the gamblers come here before as MacGyver. For all this hiding and attacking the gamers have to remember one fact: The Alien is unbreakable, which means that it can not be mortally wounded. Everything that the gamer is, so are diversionary tactics to get away from him. The gnawing very to the nerves and patience.

Alien: Isolation Download

Alien: Isolation based on the first Alien movie from 1979

The gamblers take after a download of Alien: the role of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the missing in the film Ellen Ripley isolation. Those now learns that her mother might still be alive, and goes with a small crew on a search for her to the space station Sevastopol. But nothing goes the way it should actually do: Soon, gamers will find completely on their own put on an alien space station whose tunnels and paths they do not know and whose crew members are completely crazy. Alone with himself and the fear of the boiling rage of the aliens that always accompanies one, the gamer must now find their way in the new world, collect items and try to find our way back to the exit. Here, the gamer is sometimes like being in a film since the video sequences were designed very much alive and deceptively real. How real it all may look, shows the following Let’s Play:

The adventure game is technically on the very date

Beautiful course goes on, but not clever: The behavior of the aliens is not calculable, since it follows no prescribed scripts. For this reason, the user can not better find out systematically each time, while the alien is running. However, the more difficult the game a lot easier and makes sometimes for great frustration. Nevertheless, the game is so dynamic that reason and maintains his permanent surprise. So sophisticated, not many other adventure games for free download. Furthermore, the graphics and the environment of the game are detail and rich in little extras for the eye. Thus the gamblers should not be surprised when they unintentionally longer remain in one place, just because it seems so real and real. This can include all kinds of helps the fantastic soundscape that really often proposes to lengths of other games.

Two important points: Memory points and items

Very important when downloading Alien: Isolation is on each of the different storage points to save the game. The save points are emergency phones in what the player must insert a gadget. he sees even a save point, he is catapulted to the next laceration through the Alien back even further than he already would like that.

Alien: Isolation Download Save

In addition, the gamers should look carefully at the objects lying around in various venues – he never knows what he can do. A horror game of the special kind By Download Alien: Isolation gets the gamer everything he can from a great spookiness wish: Pure stalwarts voltage creepiness high ten and the sidelines are full of surprises again and again. Some critics still had to plug in the game: Many gamers reported that would be crossed by the always superior monster frustration limit. But where the gamer can counteract when he really gets involved in the game and its strategy and does not try to play through the game quickly.