Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny is the portly protagonist of the animated film of the same name. The large white rabbits lead a peaceful life surrounded by flowers and butterflies, until one day emerge three nasty rodents ... Flying Squirrel Frank, squirrels rinky and Chinchilla Gamera kill two of the winged friends of the main character and go Big Buck Bunny otherwise powerfully on the nerves - until the gentle giant decides to take terrible revenge. The special feature of Big Buck Bunny is the fact that the free animated film was produced entirely with open source programs and demonstrated their performance in an impressive way. Thus, the 3D graphics were created with Blender, as well as photo editing GIMP and Inkscape vector program were used, we all also offer them for download. The Sneaky flying squirrel Frank became the way with viewers of the film such popularity that its own PC game was dedicated to him with YoFrankie. Also with Blender the animated short Elephants Dream also emerged. Both the game and the film, we offer free of charge to download.