If you like crosswords ,, should definitely take a look at this win app. Funded by discreet advertising freeware brings more than 300 head nuts in three levels of difficulty in the tiled surface of the PC.

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However crossword impressed not only by the sheer wealth of brain-teasers, but also visually gives her a lot. The puzzle app comes in the guise of a wood table along with spreading out newspaper. Here you should as such give his presentation not only the puzzles, but also once enes look at the left and right columns throw the blocks. There, the party presents worth knowing and useless facts, the latter often stimulate primarily smile.

Crossword Download

Releasing button is on hand to help

The crossword itself to solve by clicking on the particular issue. Then a small window in which entered the searched term and is confirmed by clicking opens. Is a missed, the virtual puzzle book directly out and the inclined puzzle fan does not come partout on the appropriate word, is a release button to help. Visually beautiful and resourceful, lots of puzzles for free – at crossword reads for you!