use max cathedrals without subscription: With this trick you go!

We reveal how max cathedrals without subscription can use and how to stream non-binding series and movies. learn more here and save money!

Whether on the PC, Smart TV, game consoles, Blu-Ray players, receivers, set-top boxes or after downloading the max cathedrals app on smartphone or tablet: maxdome currently has just under 60,000 titles (claims to) one of the largest deals ever , Normally, only has access to it, if you opt for a paid subscription. Normally ... But there is another way:

use thanks LIDL YOU max cathedrals without subscription

recently LIDL offers the opportunity to use max cathedrals without subscription and at an affordable price. Instead of the otherwise due 7,99 € customers pay the discounter only 6.99 euros for a month streaming. The offer can be booked online (but then, including himself elongating subscription and only stating the payment data) or with a credit card. The prepaid cards can be purchased in all branches of the discounter and work without the specification of payment data or a binding contract. Without any notice is required - after the booked period, the offer ends automatically. Another advantage of the prepaid card that no payment data must be stored in order to use the service.

max cathedrals without subscriptionWith LIDL YOU to max cathedrals can be used without a subscription.

Redeem credit card & Enjoy ad-free streaming

If you have bought a card in his LIDL, you can redeem on the website of the discounter. To do this you must first with a valid e-mail address to register on LIDL YOU and activate the service in connection with the code that is on the credit card. Already you can enjoy without any commitment or indication of payment data series and movies without advertising and still save money compared to the actual comparison. And the best: The first two months, there is the price of one!

max cathedrals without subscription prepaid cardAfter these cards you have to look for.

use the full range

Also, thanks to those who use prepaid card max cathedrals without a subscription, has access to the complete range. A total of around 3,500 films (in comparison: Netflix has only around 1,500 movies - at least in Germany) and about 1000 series will be streamed (Netflix is ​​around 500). There are also documentaries, a specially designed program to children and various shows. Another advantage of max cathedrals is the extensive lexicon, thanks to the titles can be searched for actors or directors. also can not beat the offline mode that allows within the app to download all the titles and also be able to play without an Internet connection. Perfect to spare for travel through the radio hole and to be booked data volume.