Pressure loss 8.0

Of the Pressure loss Download determined declining pressures flowing liquids and gases in pipes. The shareware applies in addition to the friction and technical factors such as differences in height and similar obstacles in their calculations with.

Pressure drop download for exact calculations in pipes

From the factory pressure loss brings already an extensive database of standard materials and their characteristics such as density and viscosity to the computer. Who does not find the matching entries here for his purposes, creates its own records and performs the calculations on the basis of. Also a wide range of components in accordance with national and international standardization keeps pressure loss ready for use. the computer is rounded off by a function that calculates the behavior of mixed substances.

Pressure loss Download

Microsoft Excel Version 2007 as a prerequisite

For the installation of pressure drop Microsoft Excel is required from version 2007 as a basis. The Excel tool calculates caused by friction pressure losses of flowing liquids and gases in any tubes. Furthermore, additional possibilities calculation of pressure changes are included, which, therefore, when the pipeline passes through geodetic height upwards, are caused. Another reason for loss could be the change in kinetic energy. Even in these cases represents pressure loss, the corresponding calculations.

Elements can be combined in the calculations

The Excel program will take care not only about pressure losses in simple pipelines, but also calculates losses through pipeline elements and changes of direction as well as various equipment such as valves and expansion joints. The individual elements can be combined at will and in this way you can fairly accurately predict the total pressure loss in the calculations.

Pressure loss charts download

Pressure loss provides a database for your own values

For the Pressure loss calculation exact data on the roughness of the pipes and on density, viscosity of fluids are required. The Excel program has databases for common pipes and many liquids and gases and mixtures on board, from which information can be transferred directly. A custom database is available, with which the user save fuel your own data at any time can recall. Further technical software is included in our program catalog for free download. Calculate pressure pipes With the pressure loss Download the pressure in pipes can very well calculate if the dimensions and inside diameters of circular pipes, rectangular pipes, elbows, reducers, extensions and tees are known. The input and output of data is carried out in optional units. Useful flexible user database that can be extended by the user, as well as the possibilities of saving and loading of project files in Excel format. The data can be output as Excel calculation table and as illustrative charts either.

Limitations of pressure loss 8.0

Do not save project files possible.