Image processing corrects perspective distortions

Image processing corrects perspective distortionsPerspective Pilot corrected perspective distortion in digital photographs. In addition, the Photo Optimizer corrects image distortion and pincushion and barrel, as they sometimes are caused by wide-angle lenses.

Image processing corrects perspective distortions

The latter removed Perspective pilot on fairly simple manner with the slider, wherein the lens is read with reference to the EXIF ​​data and a corresponding pre-correction is performed. To correct perspective distortion, the photographer sets of vertical and / or horizontal lines case where the objects are then aligned.

Image processing to correct perspective distortions

While possibly developing unsightly edges are automatically retouched Perspective Pilot. Logically, the equalizer also brings equal to some demos with the calculator, which illustrate its use. For added convenience and Perspective Pilot can be used as a plugin for popular image editors such as Adobe Photoshop. perspectivepilot

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