So you can synchronize with Outlook MyPhoneExplorer

The software MyPhoneExplorer data of the e-mail program from Microsoft to Android smartphones can be gotten. Now synchronize Outlook! synchronize Outlook Contacts, appointments and other information can be synchronized with the free add-on software MyPhoneExplorer. How it works exactly is explained in the following step-by-step instructions. Tip: If you have not the email client can download the latest version of Outlook here.

Synchronize Outlook - Here's how

First, the MyPhoneExplorer software is free to download, for example, In order to be able to synchronize Outlook, the program must be installed on both the phone and on the computer. Incidentally MyPhoneExplorer is not only suitable for synchronizing Outlook, but can be very versatile as additional software or management program, for example, to create a backup. In addition, the phone can be operated with a mouse from a PC with the software. This only works with a connection via a USB cable. This feature makes it easy to chat with your phone, because you can easily register with the computer keyboard the message now, what's going a lot faster than using the touch screen keyboard of the smartphone. But back to MyPhoneExplorer as a means and software to synchronize Outlook. After downloading and installing on the PC or the free app MyPhoneExplorerClient it is necessary that one makes a few settings on the PC before you open the app on your phone for the first time. Outlook sync with MyPhoneExplorer Before you can start with the synchronization via Wi-Fi, you open the MyPhoneExplorer program and selects the records that are to be synchronized. How it works: In the top menu bar is the "File". Click on "File" to open a new drop-down menu. Here, the "Settings" is selected. you can then select the records to be synchronized under the menu item "synchronization". You have to only select the entry "Outlook" among the records contacts, calendar and notes. Next, the smartphone is connected to the computer. In a first step, the free app MyPhoneExplorerClient opens on your PC. The way the data transfer can be selected. The program supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a cable connection. Ideally, a connection is automatically established and the program synchronizes chose data in the background. If the software does not automatically recognize the phone, then you can see the data connection also connect manually by clicking on the menu bar "File", then "Connect" and then the connection type in "mobile phone with Google's Android operating system" selects.

Proprietary solutions for synchronization

In addition to software MyPhoneExplorer there are a number of other tools that you can synchronize Android smartphone with Outlook. Who has, for example, a smartphone or tablet from Samsung, the data can be synchronized with the application "Samsung Kies". Samsung Kies is available for Windows and Macs. The same provides the manufacturer with the HTC "HTC Sync Manager". For LG, the free software for data matching "LG PC Suite" is. Those who want to synchronize the device from another manufacturer or is not satisfied with the manufacturer's own software from Samsung, HTC and LG can easily use the free software MyPhoneExplorer.