Data protection app

With the Data protection app manage and modify customer of mobile operator quite comfortable to own simyo fare or book a flat rate to do so. It also has its own simyo foreign App available that provides information on the exact roaming charges abroad.

Data protection app as a useful mobile app for customers Data protection

Data protection uses the slogan "Two networks are better than one"Because the UMTS / 3G networks of E-Plus and o2 can be used since the merger of E-Plus Group and Telefonica Germany (O2). Which network is used, respectively, is so arranged that offers UMTS / 3G network at each location the better performance. With the My Data protection app, the user regardless of network used interesting features for personal customer available. There are available versions for both iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets.

Data protection appData protection, airtime per simyo app. Source: Data protection

Data protection recharge directly out of the app

For example, can be directly after the Data protection Login view their own credit and charge all connection summaries and invoices, manage your own tariff options and new book. The user can also introduce friends directly via the Data protection app. The most important standard functions of the Data protection app quick overview:

  • Charging Data protection balances and manage
  • Faster invoice check
  • Scrutinize their own data usage
  • Booking of tariff options and EU packages
  • Book additional high-speed volume
  • Connection overview for talks, SMS, MMS and data connections

Data protection app tariffAll information about the own tariff is available. Source: Data protection

Data protection abroad App with information about all costs when traveling

The additional Data protection abroad app answers the question of how much of the call or SMS costs abroad. will reveal this also how expensive the user can get the look of your own emails. Thus, the Data protection abroad app offers a quick and easy cost check for calls, SMS or data connections abroad. The free app will recognize their own location and displays the corresponding prices clearly.

Data protection app abroadAdditional Data protection abroad app for vacation and travel is available. Source: Data protection

No charge for data roaming when querying the Data protection abroad App

This is done according simyo without online connection costs. The required functions are included in the app, and will not be downloaded from the Internet. Therefore, no costs for data roaming are obtained in the query. Another function of the Data protection abroad app: The phone numbers of your own contacts can be formatted in one fell swoop international (+49) and adjust. Who has the unfortunately often justified concern against excessive roaming charges by data usage abroad, find all the settings for data roaming limit in the app.

Data protection app numbers abroadAll phone numbers at your fingertips international format Source: Data protection

EU Foreign packages can be booked directly from the app out simyo

With the free app of the Data protection Customer may also access the individual mailbox abroad. The app explains how this works and also offers equal EU foreign packages. WIth this you can save money on holiday and traveling abroad. Numerous other programs and apps for telecommunications includes our well-stocked download catalog.