WhatsApp Broadcast: mass message without peer pressure

WhatsApp Broadcast: mass message without peer pressure

You have a message for many of your contacts, but do not want to specially set up a group? This is also so and without annoying Copy&Paste. Because over the WhatsApp broadcast Messages to multiple contacts can send the same time. And this can be easily accomplished and with little work – although the function is hidden a little bit. If you have not installed WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iPhone on their device, the app can be downloaded here directly with us by the way.

WhatsApp broadcast(Photos: editorial)

WhatsApp broadcast – Private messages for many recipients

Sometimes it is necessary to send a message equal to an entire battalion. It specially to create a WhatsApp group is not always the best idea – either because too many contacts are to receive the message or just for privacy. In groups, the numbers of all contacts are in fact displayed. Or you do not want that someone will notice that the message has not yet received other people. but rather cumbersome to type or message for each contact to copy the broadcast feature of WhatsApp can be used.

The name of the function is more than appropriate as to broadcast called in colloquial English as broadcasted so much, and that is precisely the purpose of the function.

Create WhatsApp broadcast

In the transmission option is using a bullhorn – and it can be sent not only text messages but also pictures, videos, voice messages or documents. And that, as I said, to multiple people – and to the entire contact list.

The privacy is preserved here, and that’s the great thing about broadcast news. For every recipient gets the message in the normal chat – and does not see that other the same message received. This in turn the transmitter on the other hand recognizes in two ways. On the one hand in his WhatsApp a chat for the broadcast is created that can be extended. Second, the broadcast messages are identified in the individual chats with a small megaphone.

WhatsApp broadcast receiver

Create broadcast list in WhatsApp

Creating a WhatsApp broadcast is not difficult – you have to put together a list of recipients only just. It works like this:

  1. You open WhatsApp and calls on the menu – the three points above the right – the entry new broadcast on.
  2. A modified list opens from which the recipient can be selected.
  3. Once this is done, you tap on the green check mark at the bottom right and lands in the newly created broadcast chat.
  4. Here, the message can now normally typed in a photo or video sent or a voice message is recorded. The message is then forwarded to the specified recipients on the send button.

A hint is still WhatsApp: Only recipients who have stored the number of the station in their contact list, receive the broadcast message.

WhatsApp broadcast message

Mass message with individual style

In the Chat list following can be found, which later can be expanded nor the new broadcast list with the megaphone icon. So if you want to send a message to the previously registered contacts, this can easily do here – or add even more contacts. Also broadcast lists can be renamed. Only one picture can not add up. For this, the background like in any normal chat can be changed.

In addition, the message will appear, as already mentioned, even in the individual chats, marked with the small megaphone icon next to the message. At the receiver, this icon does not appear. Replies a contact, the news comes just in individual chat, not in the broadcast list – which keep the list very clear.

WhatsApp broadcast bullhorn

So the notifications keep a private character, despite the mass mailing. If someone answers, it always is dialogues. Annoying discussions between group members can be avoided. And this is – in addition to the anonymity among the recipients – probably the most important benefit of WhatsApp broadcast messages.