Netflix subscription change and share with friends: Find it!

Netflix subscription change and share with friends: Find it!

Many Netflix customers wonder: how can i put my Change Netflix subscription? We show below how the change of their own Netflix subscriptions will be made in the settings of the video-on-demand provider in a few steps. To this end, learn more now!

Change Netflix subscription and expand to new users

Netflix offers three different streaming subscriptions. Depending on which Netflix subscription is selected, the user can stream to a different number of devices simultaneously. Regardless of the Netflix app can install and view an unlimited number of songs on any number of devices.

Change Netflix subscriptionNetflix subscription change: We explain step by step how this works. (Picture: Netflix / Editorial)

The following three Netflix subscription models are available:

  • With the basic subscription, the user movies and series streaming on a device in standard definition (SD)
  • With the standard subscription to Netflix streaming to two devices simultaneously possible in HD.
  • The Netflix Premium subscription streaming movies and series to four devices simultaneously in HD and Ultra HD

Choose many Netflix customers first, the basic subscription and want to upgrade this later, so that Famiienangehörige can simultaneously view different title. Who wants to share his Netflix subscription and use the offer together with friends, also thinks often about changing the Netflix subscription. Periods need not be complied with. The private Netflix subscription can apply for membership at any time.

Can you share your own Netflix account with friends?

Who wants to share his Netflix account, is naturally the question of whether it is permissible if the person does not live in the same household. Makes you look so punishable and must fear a blocking of the account? Although Netflix advertises itself does not explicitly share with the ability to Netflix account and holds good here intentionally covered.

Lock or penalties are certainly not known. In terms of use Netflix nothing explicitly points out that the streaming provider has any objection that multiple users share a Netflix account. Netflix simply points out that one should be careful with their own usage data to eliminate abuses.

How the user is going concretely to change his Netflix subscription?

  • Step 1: With Netflix login and "My account" choose

be who Netflix subscription would change logs in, clicks right on top of his user name and opens the page your account.

change Netflix subscription Step 1Log in and select Account (Image: editorial)

  • Step 2: On "change subscription" click

click Change subscription now under subscription details to view the existing and the versions offered by Netflix

change Netflix subscription Step 2Change subscription click (Image: editorial)

  • Step 3: Select New Netflix subscription option and confirm

select the new desired subscription from the three different Netflix subscription options and confirm the Netflix subscription upgrade. The Netflix subscription can change, carried out from all profiles, with the exception of children’s profiles.

change Netflix subscription Step 3Netflix upgrade or downgrade Select (Image: editorial)

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