Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack

The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack modernized older versions of Office. After installing the freeware from Microsoft, the formats of Office 2007 and 2010 can be read in older Office versions from MS Office 2000 and edit.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Download: update Older office packages

Microsoft Office is still the standard among the Office programs. The user writes his lyrics with Word, Excel and edit tables showing his presentations with PowerPoint. However, there can be problems when exchanging documents because Microsoft has set with its newer versions, new file formats in the world. These are not readable by older programs and workable. Therefore, Microsoft’s Office Compatibility Pack pushes to for Remedy in the jungle of document formats to provide and then easily open documents and see to.

Good solution for office workers with older versions of Office

Of the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Download makes documents of modern office formats with the X for older versions of the office software to read. This is a good solution for office workers who still want to buy a new version of Office, but the current file formats still open, edit or save like.

Also supports Word, Excel and PowerPoint Viewer

The free extension of Microsoft is suitable for use with Word, PowerPoint and Excel. The freeware easier for the user not only further processing own older Office documents, but also makes the exchange of data with other users valuable services. According to the manufacturer, the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack also works with the associated viewer tools. So the free converter should also use Word Viewer to interact Excel Viewer and PowerPoint Viewer.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Download

can the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack be put to good use with the following programs and office packages:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2000 with SP3
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2002 with SP3
  • Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2003 with SP 1
  • Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003
  • Microsoft Office Excel Viewer 2003
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2003

Full version of MS Office as a prerequisite

The compatibility pack from Microsoft Office is of course only makes sense to use if a full version of Microsoft Office on your own computer already exists. The freeware supplied MS Office with no other additional features of newer versions, but only allows editing of the new file formats. The installation is straightforward. A difference the user notices only when, for example, stores a text in Word and now the file format .docx also gets offered. After the Microsoft Compatibility Pack download and installation, Word files from versions 2007 and 2010 can be opened at any time and save it. Those looking for more free Office plugins, will find in our extensive download offer.

Open current document formats in older versions of Office The Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack ensures a easy opening and saving current file formats in older versions of Office. The free converter opens, processes and stores the newer Open XML types. These were introduced from Office 2007 Word, Excel and PowerPoint to edit and save documents, workbooks and presentations and run since then so many complications in the exchange of documents.