PS3 System Software

The PS3 system software updates the operating system of the PlayStation 3. In this way, brings you more games power from the console and provides the Playsi also with new applications. v4 integrated especially the support of the PlayStation Vita system. For updating the PS3 via the PC to load the latest system software update downloaded to the PC. The data on a memory stick in the folder UPDATE (all large) to be transmitted. On the PlayStation is now selected in the Home menu, select System Update, then Update via Storage Media. still select the directory now and get started. This update to the PS3 system software includes all previous updates. The previous settings of the revisions will be accepted. Incidentally, even the owner of a PS Vita system software or a PSP Go system software in our software catalog updates for the system software of their consoles. The same applies 4 system software for the PlayStation.