Full Version: Ashampoo Core Tuner

The free full version Ashampoo Core Tuner maximizes the computing speed of processors in the PC. The Tuning Tool either accelerates all processes currently running or provides the user with a so-called boost function. Using this booster is selected from a specific, compute-intensive program. Ashampoo Core Tuner then optimizes the performance of the processor for this application. For a better overview displays the free full version views the current CPU load as well as the overall performance of the computer. Who knows about it, based on these surveys can weight the individual Windows processes individually. Since not every user dares to lay hands on these sensitive Windows settings, Ashampoo Core Tuner also automatically assigns the current programs to the optimum computing power. The "live"-view the freeware also provides an overview of the utilization of each processor.

Limitations of the full version: Ashampoo Core Tuner

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