Rossmann app

Rossmann app

The Rossmann app carries the detailed title "Rossmann coupons & deals", Bargain hunters there are various Rossmann coupons and current savings available.

Rossmann app: Select coupons before shopping the desired Rossmann

For the use of Rossmann app does not require registration. But those who are already signed into a service like the Rossmann shop online, the Rossmann Fotowelt or Rossmann Baby world can use this account to log into the app. The Rossmann app informs customers of the drugstore chain on current offers and provides them with digital coupons. These can be redeemed at one of the branches by the desired Rossmann vouchers will be added before the purchase.

Rossmann appThe Rossmann app provides coupons and vouchers. Source:

Rossmann coupons for freebies and discounts

Redeeming the coupons Rossmann done quite comfortable in each Rossmann branch within Germany. The customer adds the required Rossmann certificate shows before its digital customer card at the cash register so that they can be detected by hand-held scanner. After that, the right to Shopping Rossmann coupons are automatically redeemed and the customer can look forward to a small savings. Most of them are in a Rossmann voucher at a small discount of 50 cents to 5 euro, for example, washing powder, shower room or other personal hygiene items.

Rossmann app voucherRossmann coupons with discount or for 2 + 1 free shopping.

Rather than the fixed sum and a reduction of 20 or 30 percent is sometimes called for. of course, are particularly attractive, the free vouchers. At the time of this writing, the Rossmann bargain hunters can look forward toothpaste among other things, a free blend-a-med. Other vouchers carry the 2 + 1 Free icon so that another article can be placed for free in the cart with the purchase of two products.

Rossmann coupons in the virtual wallet

30 such Rossmann coupons are available in the app for redemption. Capitalized coupons can be viewed at any time in the so-called wallet. The digital customer card that requires the Rossmann customer for the redemption of the coupons at the cash register is integrated in this wallet. The digital customer card contains all active coupons so that the redemption of the coupons does not get at the cash into oblivion. Who wants to have in the wallet all coupons to hand, can also scan any valid at Rossmann paper coupon.

Rossmann Scan AppRossmann paper coupons scan and add to redeem.

The paper coupons are digitized and added to the next purchase to pay. For the coupon redemption is no Internet connection is required. Bargain hunters can always refer to their own profile, how many coupons they’ve already redeemed and how much cash they have saved by it. More apps and tools on family & Shopping includes our well-stocked software catalog for free download.