Set read status per chat: WhatsApp check mark

Set read status per chat: WhatsApp check mark

The WhatsApp check mark provide regularly for discussions as speculation. According to latest reports should the for each set chat status read individually in future to let. Here read everything!

Last week came the rumor that one could WhatsApp messages with the next update manually mark them as unread. This week it is, one can for each individual chat determine whether the caller gets to see the blue check mark or not. The Messenger is one of the most popular on the market, as evidenced by the numbers of WhatsApp for Android Downloads – so what is it about the speculation?

Set read status per chat: WhatsApp check mark

With the ability to set individually for each conversation, whether the message should be marked as read, users would get much more control. Because so far, the blue WhatsApp check option left for all chats, either on or off. Discussions, why do not reply to messages ASAP, could become a thing of the past.

WhatsApp check mark

New function for group chats?

What many users do not know: Even for group chats detailed information is available. These users need only touch the news for a moment and then subsequently to the upper right appears i. When the message has been delivered or read appears in the new window. The ability to disable this feature, therefore, would also be conceivable in group chats.

No confirmation of WhatsApp

Whether this function is actually introduced in the next update, however, remains uncertain. Neither officially the provider or by the releases of a test user, this information could be verified. The focus merely refers to “internal [n] at WhatsApp information”, but without giving a specific source.