Of the mu.lab download turns your PC into a complete recording studio. On an unlimited number of tracks arrange producers like playing children MIDI and audio tracks into complete songs.

mu.lab Download with interfaces such as VST and ReWire

Plus there's built-in effects, a VST interface and ReWire support. Whether one wants to assemble finished audio and MIDI snippets or rather everything takes himself mu.lab stands aside. For audio samples, the sequencer supports slicing, bringing audio can be adapted without annoying Umrechnerei flexibly to the song tempo and remix. Thanks to ReWire ReWire-compatible music software such as Reason or Fruity Loops also integrates into the music lab. So all the tracks run through the mixer of the recording studio and can be controlled remotely from there. Klangverbieger rely on a set of integrated effects and sound generator of drums and sampler to synthesizer.

If that's not enough, the stand openly about the VST interface, all doors - here every idea stand for really the best plugins available. The only requirement is an ASIO sound driver that is retrofitted in doubt with the freeware ASIO4All. mu.lab is a great alternative for bargain hunters among music producers. Thanks to current interfaces such as VST and ReWire application remains flexible, gimmicks like the Skin features make the studio more interesting. Mandatory download for freeware Producer!

mu.lab download