With free Hamster Free eBook Converter Download get users a powerful converter for eBooks at hand. The freeware can deal not only with all formats and devices, including the intuitive and well-designed interface makes converting eBooks are a breeze.

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In recent years the market has grown tremendously around the electronic book. Each novel, thriller and each dictionary is now available as an eBook. For the right reading pleasure ensure eBook reader offered by all manufacturers. No wonder, then, that grows well in the offer eBooks and eBook reader software and growing. Especially in terms of processing and conversion of eBooks, the interest is great. The free Hamster Free eBook Converter download takes exactly this topic. The freeware converts eBooks and prepares them for the corresponding terminal. The program supports around 200 eBook Reader. Among the manufacturers can be found, among other things Amazon, Apple, Sony, iriver and BenQ.

Hamster Free eBook Converter Download

system requirements & Installing the Software eBooks

The current version of the converter runs on the Windows operating systems Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The setup file is large, about 58 MB, the download may therefore take a few moments. The installation is straightforward, the user during setup the opportunity to select the language.

quickly convert eBook with Hamster Free eBook Converter

were as straightforward as download and install the converter, simple as well as the conversion of eBooks. This is ensured by two key factors: First, the download Hamster Free eBook Converter comes with a clear, easily held, especially compelling user experience to the PC. The user feels at once - everything is self-explanatory. Second, the software gives the user an assistant at hand. As you step by step through the conversion process is done, you can not go wrong. Even beginners who are just holding their first eBook reader in the hands will master the job nicely.

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Step by step to the right eBook format

In the start screen of the software, the user is first prompted to insert the desired eBook. This can easily drag & Drop happen or by clicking on the big button. In this way, the user can now add additional digital books that are to be converted. This saves a lot of time and work. If the list is complete, after that, the device is selected. The user sees the manufacturers in this window. Has he chosen his, he or she can click in the detail selection, the exact device. The converter now converts to the appropriate format required by the device. The program supports the following file formats: PDF, PDB, TXT, FB2 PUB, LRF, LIT, PUB or HTMLZ.

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