With So Many Euros - Deluxe Edition collector manage collected euro coins. With so many different coins is the overview of the coin you already have, quickly lost. If you also still differs according to different stamping years and mints quickly than 1,800 variants are achieved. So Many Euros - Deluxe Edition helps to keep track. Images of all euro coins to aid in quick identification of this coin. Also since 2004 issued 2-euro commemorative be managed with So Many Euros - Deluxe Edition. For each coin is an explanation of the embossed motif as well as the circulation figures of the individual variants can be retrieved. The existing number for each coin can be stored - so you always know immediately which coin is available for exchange. An extensive reporting feature allows among others the creation of double or incorrect lists, an output as an HTML page to complete for my website is provided. So Many Euros - Deluxe Edition is by the clearly structured interface easy to use, so that cash holdings are detected quickly.

Limitations of So Many Euros - Deluxe Edition 4.2.3

The trial version only 10 of the 20 countries and 4 of the 8 Münzstufenseiten are available.