SSDlife Free undergoing rapid flash memory a health check. The freeware provides information about the condition of the disc and interpolates the expected lifetime of solid state drives.

Check health of SSDs: SSDlife Download

SSDs impress with high transfer rates at very short access time. They also prove to be much less prone to error and as durable than conventional magnetic hard drives. Nevertheless, solid state drives have a limited life. In the past, users made especially worried about those fast SSDs on MLC basis. The free SSDlife Free reads the SMART parameters of the flash memory. In this way, the freeware reveals details about the current state of the volume and calculates the minimum lifetime. The freeware is a point value for the current health status of the hard drive and also help you to identify critical values ​​in time and to initiate countermeasures.

SSDlife download

SSDlife Free checks SSDs through their paces. According to the manufacturer, the freeware works available on the market solid state drives with virtually all.

Limitations of SSDlife Free

In the paid Pro version automatically can perform tests at regular intervals.