install WhatsApp Plus - so it works!

install WhatsApp Plus – so it works!

If you install WhatsApp Plus must uninstall WhatsApp before. Other things to note out now & enjoy Plus features. Those who want the future to enjoy more freedom and additional functions while chatting is well supplied with the plus Messenger. However, in order to use the chat service, it is not done with the pure WhatsApp Plus download. A rocket science but it is not, you need only follow a few little tricks. What are they to install WhatsApp Plus to be able to display the following instruction.

install WhatsApp Plus & enjoy additional features

To install the Messenger app with the Plus makes especially for users sense, where an individual user is important. Thus, the chat client brings a huge range of colors and themes for personalizing the surface. In addition size images and files can be sent easily with a size of up to 50 MB. However, everyone should be aware that there are concerns with the Messenger to an unlicensed program. install WhatsApp Plusinstall WhatsApp Plus – so it works! (Picture: rafalense / Editorial)

Step by step installation of the Messengers

As already indicated, it is not done with easy install and start the Android app. Those who follow the steps correctly, but can look forward to many new features soon. That’s how it works: Step 1: naturally without downloading the app nothing works. On our download portal, the APK is available for free download. This first download on the PC and unplug a USB cable to your Android smartphone. Step 2: Normally one would expect, is now following the step of installation. But first, a little trick is necessary, because in order to proceed, the official WhatsApp must be installed on the smartphone. Anyone who has been using WhatsApp no, that must first download WhatsApp and there create an account. Step 3: This step is only relevant for WhatsApp users: To ensure all previous chat histories and contacts, a backup should be made. For this, simply settings > Chat settings > Backup to back up all data. install WhatsApp Plus Backup(Screenshot: WhatsApp Inc./Redaktion)
Step 4:Now uninstall the original version of WhatsApp. This is a prerequisite to be able to install WhatsApp Plus. The two come Messenger else in the way. install WhatsApp plus source(Screenshot: Editorial)
Step 5: Now a last intermediate step is necessary in order to ensure a smooth installation process. On the smartphone first a setting regarding App Sources must be changed. Under Settings and security there is a point that allows the installation of unknown sources. This must be selected. Step 6: Now the APK of the messenger can finally open on the phone and that the installation be performed. Step 7: still register Finally, with the phone number and then enjoy the extra options. install WhatsApp Plus Themes(Screenshot: Editorial)