Of the Diet planner download assists in calculating the own calorie needs and in creating a diet plan. Here, the weight and diet planner takes into account the physical activity in the daily routine and recommends on request sporting activities. Various reports help you create weight predictions, different approaches in supply or losing weight and calculating the personal BMI value.

The diet planner download helps in controlling body weight

The dietitian offers different approaches to control and change of their own body weight. In the first step of the state of affairs is determined first. To this can be by entering height and weight to body mass index, BMI for short, calculate. This is graphically displayed and set in relation to standard values ​​to underweight, normal and overweight. Thus, users see at a glance where you are currently and where to go the journey.

Diet planner download

Calorie requirement calculated at various activities

In the tab calories the actual diet plan can be created. Here are integrates various functions. In determining the own calorie intake sex, body weight and age are entered and subsequently elected its own activity profile with a click. You can choose from such as a "exclusively sedentary lifestyle" or one "physically demanding job", In addition, is found in the check mark "regular exercise" set whether sporting activities take place. After each change, the dietitian is your daily calorie needs. This is quite interesting to see how strong already a little exercise daily energy stint affected.

Reliable forecast for weight loss

In addition, a daily calorie intake and the duration of the diet can be set here. In the example we have chosen at sedentary jobs with little additional movement, but a small daily physical workload, for a daily calorie intake of 2,000 KCal for 30 days. The dietitian is directly after entering the target weight and the weight is to be expected on a timeline in a graph. Alternatively can take a fixed calorie intake as a figure, incidentally, also the percentage caloric deficit set.

Diet planner download forecast

calculate calorie needs or period for target weight with diet planners

If you want to reach a certain weight, the button offers "Calories calculated for target weight" various possibilities. This, however, before entering a period of time or calorie intake for the diet is necessary depending on the desired calculation. Clicking on the button opens a dialog for entering the target weight opens. Then three different calculations are on hand to keep the target weight permanently, to achieve the set period of time or to reach the set calories per click. After following the diet calculating the result will be transferred directly to the main surface and displayed in the graph.

Diet planner download calorie needs

Easy Diet guide including weight measurement All in all, diet planner download a helpful companion for the change in body weight - whether you want to increase or slim down. bring all the dishes that how much calories with it, although users must find out for yourself. For this purpose, any information in the diet planners are available. For this, the application remains simple and easy to handle. are more free downloads from the field for details of individual foods and dishes "eat & Drink" to disposal.

Limitations of diet planners

14-day trial version printing, saving, and CSV export are disabled.