Of the TVgenial download comes as a virtual TV guide in the PC. The ad-supported search engine pulls the current program schedule from the Internet on your home computer and makes it available offline for reading ready.

TVgenial Download reminiscent of the own favorite shows

Those who do not want to make the effort every day to update the contents, which can be download initiate in freely selectable intervals TVgenial. In the downloaded files can be found to most shipments detailed additional information. The program also includes a reminder of a favorite TV show as well as creating your own favorites. Real fun browsing through the programs simply by the indicated Overview "takes" and casts aside all à la iPhone. Thanks to some skins to TVgenial can be adapted visually to the user's taste. the freeware is rounded off by an interface to the Windows Media Center, the famous OnlineTVRecorder well as Kathrein and Dreambox receivers.

TVgenial download

Limitations of TVgenial

In the free version 30 channels are supported.