The freeware CleverCleaner automatically delete junk data from the hard disk. So the plate cleaner saves a lot of work and also frees up space on the hard drive. User interface and application of clever cleaning agents have one thing in common: they are conceivable simple. This means drive (s) choose to start, wait. Clever Cleaner searches the hard drive for file extensions or individual options, such as browser cookies and temporary directories. After the search process is finished, CleverCleaner lists all the deletion candidate. For safety, you have to select the files displayed before permanently deleting them. After the action is displayed again, which was ultimately deleted. Clever Cleaner is the epitome of easy to use, conserve resources with 0, - guaranteed cheaper than a new hard drive. Slightly more functions and ease of use as well as a more appealing user interface provides, for example, the popular freeware CCleaner.