Send with WhatsApp PDF: So you sent documents

Send with WhatsApp PDF: So you sent documents

Messenger today are genuine all-rounder when it comes to sending data. Since also the most popular service is no exception. In addition to news, photos and videos, users can namely with WhatsApp Send PDF. This is also no longer a trick is now necessary. Rather, the document you can easily select and send out. We show you how and where to do it.

Via WhatsApp Send PDF: These are the conditions

For some time already have WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for iPhone a great added value for their users. For the latest, since so many file types can ship via the Messenger, the free download is worth for us all. About the additional documents namely button can send different file formats, including .docx and even PDF.

WhatsApp Send PDFMeanwhile, no problem: About WhatsApp Send PDF. (Picture: editorial)

Via WhatsApp Send PDF: Conditions

Previously, users had a small detour to take and an auxiliary tool, an Android file manager, install to, to send PDF and other documents that have no image or video format to contacts. The PDF files are there “hidden” in MP3 files.

This detour but is now no longer necessary. WhatsApp has responded to the desire of its users some time ago and now offers to send files via an extra button. This is very quick and easy. Further requirements are for any necessary. Only WhatsApp must be installed and the document to be sent must be, of course, on the device – or that can be accessed from the smartphone in a cloud.

Send Doc and PDF files: How It Works

  1. To send a PDF document, the user should first know where the file is located, to find them quickly.
  2. Then WhatsApp is opened. Then simply select the desired chat.
  3. If you tap the top right of the paper clip, a small window opens. The first entry is there document. This tap.
  4. This will open the Documents folder. If the file here must select them only from the list. Otherwise, just search … tap Other documents and it opens a sidebar about which one has access to all other locations, even on cloud services.
  5. The document you requested tap. Again A confirmation box appears. Just tap “Send” and the document goes on a journey to the selected contact.

The recipient will receive the document in the form of a message.

WhatsApp Send PDFPDFs and other documents can be easily over the document * * Send button. (Picture: Editorial / Screenshot)

PDF ships – has to do the recipient?

The contact, the document was sent, now goes exactly as for a video or an image. By tapping the document that arrives in a message, WhatsApp downloads the file automatically downloads and opens it.

Downloaded documents are automatically stored in WhatsApp Documents folder, the one with any file manager – accessible – even the Android internal. The path is storage / whatsapp / media / whatsappdocuments.

A document may incidentally have a maximum size of 100 MB, otherwise the upload fails. Otherwise, with WhatsApp Send PDF now so a breeze.