Of the World Translate Download translated texts at lightning speed between German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese back and forth. The vocabulary of machine translator includes both everyday slang and terms of work and leisure.

World Translate Download as mechanical translator

World Translate translates as text from web pages, emails, documents and PDF files. The translation direction is selected via pull-down menu in the application window. With a mouse click also the translated text can be automatically copied to the clipboard and paste it into any program. For students World Translate provides further expandable favorites which lead links to language resources such as dictionaries, grammar tools, idioms, language courses or newspapers.

A link to a multilingual chat room completes the voice software. With World Translate texts from English, Spanish, Fränzosischen, Italian and Portuguese to translate easily and conveniently into German and vice versa. Useful extras such as links to online dictionaries evaluate the machine translator in addition.

World Translate Download