Fast Image Resizer

Fast Image Resizer scales the image size of digital photos. The freeware enlarged or reduced individual images or entire photo collections with a few clicks of the mouse drag&drop .; The surface of Fast Image Resizer is limited to the most essential. Via the Options button to select the output folder and the assigned to the file name. By pull-down menu to select the profile for the target image size. The pixel sizes of the predetermined profiles range from 320x240 up to 1600x1200 pixels. Anyone who wants can add custom profiles to the list. Optional cuts Fast Image Resizer photos when scaled automatically or change their orientation. The freeware supports the image formats JPG, BMP and PNG. Fast Image Resizer works particularly fast thanks to multi-core support. With the built-in batch mode can be even entire photo collections drag&Drop; Pull into the program window and bring in a uniform image size.