ALDI TALK balances query made easy!

ALDI TALK balances query made easy!

Check ALDI TALK credit goes shortcut, mobile app or on the Internet. learn more here and keep prepaid account at a glance! ALDI TALK is a mobile operator of widespread discounter.

The cell phone contracts expire on Medion and it is the well-developed network of E-Plus used. All contracts are only available with prepaid conditions and bring the typical advantages and disadvantages of this form of settlement with. Therefore, users should regularly their ALDI TALK query balances, to not unexpected to be found an empty talk account. In keeping with the low rate, the ALDI TALK app can be downloaded. With this mobile application for Android devices, all issues can be managed around the prepaid account.
AldiTalk query balancesSo simply retrieve the ALDI TALK credit. (Screenshot: AldiTalk / Editorial)

Prerequisite to ALDI TALK query balances

To query the prepaid balance of the discount, some requirements must be met. First, the SIM card must be activated and registered with the provider. In addition, an Internet connection or a connection to the E-Plus mobile network is needed. For the online query, the user only needs access to the online account and an Internet connection.

ALDI TALK balances query possible in several ways

it was so easy to never find out the balance of his prepaid account. The possibilities range from a snapshot of the account to a query that displays the consumed units of the additional flat-rate packages.

Check balances and manage the mobile app

Who the ALDI TALK app has downloaded, can query the balance of his prepaid account in the application.
ALDI TALK balances query AppComfortable in the app query the ALDI TALK credit. (Screenshot: AldiTalk / Editorial)
This in the app menu item My tariff is called. There, the current balance is always visible. Conveniently located in the same window all booked additional tariffs and consumption status. In addition, existing packages can be deselected within the application or add. Here, the new balance is immediately visible.

Balance inquiry via keyboard shortcut

Since prepaid phones come from a time when there were no smartphones, can be even without Internet connection or app to ALDI TALK query balances. The easiest way is with a working cell phone with inserted SIM card. The key combination * 100 # is entered and confirmed with the call key. Already the balance of the prepaid account appears on the screen. This variant is especially handy abroad. The balance inquiry with USSD code works worldwide and is free. So one is not subjected to expensive international calling rates for mobile Internet connection.

Check ALDI TALK credit online

The balance inquiry at ALDI TALK is possible without access to the appropriate SIM card. This, however, an online account with My ALDI TALK must be created. There you can log in with the appropriate login and view the account balance online.