Freeletics training schedule: 3 months for perfect body

Freeletics training schedule: 3 months for perfect body

Of the Freeletics training plan is a real challenge, but very effective. We have looked at the work-outs. Click here for a summary of the most important units!

Who gets involved in the adventure Freeletics will sweat, spasm and cussing. The online fitness portal can be used on the move both in the browser of the computer and after downloading the app Freeletics.

Freeletics training plan: The Basics

The good news: For the Hammer workout no equipment is needed. All units are prescribed in can be completed without device actions and Co.. In principle, strength, endurance and speed are to become improved – and in any place, just by your own body weight. The exercises vary in Exercises, so individual exercises and workouts that combine different exercises. Alternatively, you can choose between a prescribed or individual Freeletics training plan, but it is recommended to choose one of the existing ones. We present the top three.

Dione: Improve endurance

A very intense training schedule is Dione. The aim is to complete three laps with the same intensity and number of repetitions. Each round consists of thus: Jumping Jacks 75, 25 Burpees, 50 Leg Straight Lever, another 75 Jumping Jack, sit-ups 50 and 25 Burpees.

Freeletics training planto increase Freeletics training plan to Audauer: Dione.

Zeus: build force for advanced

Zeus is the ultimate strenuous work-out. It needed a wall and a chin-up bar. This plan is only suitable for people who have already built up some momentum. There are five sets of exercises in four rounds with the same number of repetitions: 10 Kipping HS pushups, 20 pullups, 30 pushups, 40 sit-ups and 50 squats.

Freeletics training plan ZeusThe plan for advanced: Zeus.

Aphrodite: the perfect combination of strength and endurance

The classic work-out Aphrodite claimed mainly belly and legs. There are five rounds with three exercises consisting of burpees, squats and sit-ups with the repetition number 50-40-30-20-10. Between rounds there is a pause of 15 seconds.

Freeletics training plan AphroditeImages: Freeletics.

With these seven tricks to success

In addition to matching Freeletics training schedule these 15 tricks to help achieve its goals.

  1. The right diet: high in protein, low in carbohydrates
  2. The optimal training time lies between 15:00 and 19:00
  3. Motivation through performance review
  4. train in the group brings extra motivation
  5. perform exercises correctly
  6. continue training with slight soreness
  7. Drink enough, especially 20 to 30 minutes before training

More tips and tricks there are in e-book Freeletics – the best tricks for more success at Freeletics. The book is available on the website after specifying the e-mail address for free download. With the recent training is more effective and personal goals can be achieved more quickly.