You got a clip sent to you want to look at you necessarily, but the WhatsApp video can not be played? This can you do when the clip will not!

With the current version of the download of WhatsApp for Android or iOS, it is easily possible to send videos or set a status. But why is it when a Problem?

WhatsApp video can not be playedWhatsApp video can not be played? Here are the solutions. (Fig. Pixabay / Editorial)

Whatsapp video can not be played? This helps!

It can have various causes that a received clip can not be played. Here the most common are inclusive solution at a glance:

1. Wrong format

Android video can be played with these formats: MP4, AVI & 3GP. In another format, in most cases the download of VLC Media Player for Android can help.

WhatsApp video can not be played VLCLooks spectacular but is a small all-rounder: The VLC player for Android. (Fig. Videolan)

2. Not enough free memory

Then you should entmüllen your phone. For example, by your old pictures or apps deletes that your no longer used. How exactly reveals our article: delete Android Apps and free from contamination

WhatsApp video can not be played memoryFaster you vacate his cell phone on the Uninstaller. Be found in our download area. (Picture: INFOLIFE LLC)

3. Invalid default application for playing videos

In this case, open the settings menu and set the option Apps. Under standard apps Reset You can fix the problem.

4. WhatsApp needs to be updated

The WhatsApp video can not be played? Also an outdated version of the messenger may be the cause. Then you can install the latest version above or perform an update from Google Play over the link.

5. The video can not be downloaded

Sometimes playback fails before downloading. This can have these causes:

  • The internet connection is unterbochen (for example, a wireless coverage area, an inactive data link disabled or an active flight mode)
  • The automatic download has been disabled in WhatsApp. Then it is enough to tap the video preview to start the download of clips manually.

More information keeps these items ready: WhatsApp Down? Here's all the info & quick help

WhatsApp video can not be playedSometimes the trouble of WhatsApp is also present simple. (Picture: allestö

6. The video has already been deleted

For older clips it sometimes happens that you have deleted them (For example, if you have adjusted the WhatsApp memory. Normally, the video can not then be re-downloaded. You must then ask the sender to send the clip again.

7. The problem still exists?

If you have tried one to six points, but the WhatsApp video can not be played back, then you can try to reset your phone to factory settings. But beware: Here you should all the data previously secure, because they will be lost when resetting. How your going to exactly tells you our article: reset to factory settings Android.