Of the PC TimeWatch Download can parents and guardians thereby help to better control the PC consumption of their own training or even to stop completely.

The download of PC TimeWatch regulates access to PC and Internet

PC TimeWatch does not record the activities of individual users. The shareware creates either a daily or a weekly time account for any number of users. After the interval the hosts for this one account frozen. So each child gets its own account. The administrators of the tools can also make a difference between PC use per se and Internet usage. They ensure their offspring, for example, doing the homework at the computer without doing they could surf the Internet.

PC TimeWatch Download

Warning of expiration of the usage time

PC TimeWatch block certain programs completely, regardless of whether the user is now in the PC or Internet-term. Of course, the program warns the user before the expiration of the period of use. So he gives him enough time to save important documents and to finish his tasks when possible. go Similarly, other parental control tools before for free download.

look & Feel the helpful child safety

The handling of the child safety device is simple. The user selects the PC TimeWatch Download the language and click through the installation instructions. In the end, he will be asked to set an administrator password. He can even specify a memory jogger. He now has following then the different users of the computer is available, where it can adjust the various restrictions on the PC use.

PC TimeWatch Download user accounts

Limitations of PC TimeWatch

21 days trial.