Free 3D Video Maker

The Free 3D Video Maker created from movies 3D videos. There is the freedom to choose whether one or two videos should serve as a source for the 3D movie.

Create 3D Movie with Free 3D Video Maker Download

For Free 3D Video Maker you have to be a video professional. Laymen are here to 3D video artists. The freeware can be operated quite easily. The user loads two videos, which are received with a small horizontal displacement. So the two output films show slightly shifted the same scene. Recording works with two cameras, which are held with both hands. Free 3D Video Maker takes the two films through the wringer and already the 3D film is finished. Equally easy to handle with Free 3D Video Maker, if only one film is selected and the missing video is simulated: Here the hook is set at "A source file" and then "Create 3D" clicked. Finished! the popular video formats AVI, and MPEG are supported. watch for that for the desired three-dimensional effect a corresponding red-green glasses are required. Free 3D Video Maker is part of the software package Free Studio, which we also offer for download.

Free 3D Video Maker Download

Free 3D Video Maker creates a button 3D movies from normal 2D movies when the two output movies easily moved horizontally show the same scene. Alternatively, can also already with a single film 3D effects generate by the second video is simulated. The freeware tool imports the popular video formats and uses for the 3D representation, the anaglyph red-blue technique.