The Timesheet template enables simple and clear recording of their own work hours. The Office Template is suitable for complete twelve months and for any year.

Clever timesheet template for Excel and OpenOffice

Who has to write down his hours worked for his boss or a client and demonstrate regularly should resort to a professional timesheet template. This can also be used for longer periods. For each month of the calendar year January-December is available in Excel and OpenOffice timesheet template a separate worksheet for recording the working hours.

Timesheet templateThe timesheet template is available in separate versions for Excel and OpenOffice Calc. (Image: Timo mother)

record working time of up to five different tasks

In the timesheet template, the user records the working time of up to five different tasks for each day. The worksheet Master Datathe settings for the Office Template be made. Here the user record the current calendar year, to automatically display the days and weekends in each month of the desired year.

It also specifies the designation of five tasks as you wish. The default is 1 work, working 2 to work 5. The entries are automatically applied on all month leaves.

Timesheet Template Master DataIn the master data, the user enters the calendar year and the name of the tasks. (Image: Screenshot Editor)

Good overview of the hitherto hours worked

When entering the working hours in the timesheet pattern Enter to see the month of January is already an example of the hours. In the column Total summing the values ​​entered from all days of the month. In this way, the user always keeps a fairly good overview of the work done in each month working hours.

contain no annoying macros

The timesheet template is available as an Excel spreadsheet in XLSX format for download. The Office Template comes with Excel Version 2010 deal and also supports other spreadsheets like OpenOffice Calc. The handling is simple. It contains no annoying macros. Other programs on working time you find in our software catalog for free download.