Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

With the Plants vs. Zombies Heroes App bring EA and PopCap Games PvZ another game on the market and thus on the smartphones. This time, however, it is neither a Power Defense Game still a strategy game: Drawing inspiration from classic trading card games either undead or herbal superheroes must now be discovered fact.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes app with new heroes and characters

PvZ Heroes, the characters and their individual stories into focus. In the style of superhero comics, the players have the opportunity to experience a new game with new and familiar characters. The concept of trading card games deviates significantly from the previous concepts from, but promises a new dimension within the Plants vs. Zombies universe. Currently there are more than ten heroes and hundreds of characters available – the developers promise with the next updates and new content.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes AppHundreds of known and new characters in the Plants vs. Zombies Heroes App. Image: EA.

Collect heroes and find the right strategy

As the name suggests, it comes in PvZ Heroes to Heroes. These must be gradually unlocked and used with the perfect strategy. Here, elements of classic collectible card games are combined with those of real-time multiplayer games. So friends can be challenged or measured in global rankings. The adventure mode is the perfect laboratory to find the right heroes and team combinations and the right strategy. For the battles themselves, the developers have come up with many crazy scenes before which z. As the Green Shades can compete against Unendwichtkeit. In addition to new characters there are to discover well-known characters like Super Brainz, Z-Mech, Zitron or Rosie.

Free collectible card game with in-app purchases

The download of Plants vs. Zombies Heroes app is completely free. If that takes too long free play of the characters, can help out with the known in-app purchases. With a little patience, but all heroes and figures can be earned without financial commitment. Also on Cool-downs or other typical limitations of freemium games waived the new EA titles. So that players can play kostnelos as long and as often as you desire gamer heart. The app is available for both Android and for iPhone for download.