The LED will flash in a certain color and already is certain: Aha! A missed call or WhatsApp message - and depending on the importance can just stay off times of the screen. The LED indicators app supports the proper allocation of the LED color on the smartphone - even if the device has no LED!

LED indicators appWith the LED indicators app is colored Notifications can be set individually - even without LED. (Picture:

Notification diversity with LED indicators app

Today many Android devices have an LED that can be informed about any notifications. Whether missed calls, SMS, WhatsApp or other messengers - the LED flashes. But the color can not be on all devices readily adjust to know exactly which app because there just notified about something. And other phones in turn have none LED. In these cases, the LED indicators creates app remedy.

With the app, a different LED color can be set for each event - but not only that, but the blinking intervals and even notification sounds and vibrations can be configured using the tool.

LED indicators App NotificationsAll sorts of app notifications can be configured with the tool for Android devices. (Picture: Mario Ostwald)

Apps can add and configure

Preset some apps already, but it can also add more. However, the user must lend a hand and the red "+" - press button. With each newly hired app and LED color there is only a small test, so you can get used to the new setting.

Exciting the app is also true for users whose smartphones no LED has: For even these have to do without the LED indicators app on a Notification Service. In this case, the tool can be configured so that a small dot lights up on the screen - and optionally even the app icon. Here, size and position can be adapted depending on your preference. A sleep mode can be set for specific times.

The free Lite version comes with a little advertising. In addition, the user has to do without here on the support of some apps. In the Pro version all conceivable applications can be added and also the advertising unnecessary. Nevertheless, the Lite version should at least initially, most users meet the test.

LED indicators app settingsThe settings are extremely diverse. (Picture: Mario Ostwald)

App requires permissions: Must be that?

Who installed the app, noticed the many privileges, which should be approved. But in this case it is necessary, for example, you can assign a certain flash patterns with the tool each contact. For this, in turn, the app must be able to read the contacts.

Note: Who still uses a smartphone with Android 4.3 or an even older version must activate the accessibility service in the settings.

HTC: Smartphones from HTC are not supported with the LED function. but HTC users can draw on the screen LED.

Samsung Galaxy s4: Who uses a Galaxy S4 might be surprised when you open the browser of a talking phone. Simply an alternative browser such as Firefox use.

Sony: Sony users will have the stamina mode - so sleep mode - deactivate to use the app.

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