Who wants to get from one place to another by public transport, takes a lot of perspective and sometimes strong nerves. The Öffi app always find the right connection and shows very clearly all driving opportunities at.

arrive on time with the app Öffi

Most people do without these days on city maps from paper. Whether you know your way in a city or a tourist traveling is almost always the smart phone is currently consulting. Meanwhile, there are many directions that bring motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to their destination. While most users can rely on one and the same application with mobile set regardless of the location, pedestrians and train passengers often have to rely on the app of the local provider. While this always supply the necessary information, but are often very used to in navigation and presentation.The Öffi application makes use of the public data of the respective suppliers advantage and presents them in an easy and familiar way. So also departure times and delays in real time are displayed.

Öffi app

For the use of the navigation aid users must have a smartphone with Android version 2.3 or higher. In addition, more an Internet connection must be maintained During the inquiry. The app uses normally on Google Maps, users whose phone does not use com.google.android.maps library, downloading the special AOSP version can choose.

All Öffi connections at a glance

The Öffi app is limited in its range not only in Germany. Travelers can use the navigation aid in 16 countries and do not have to adapt to a completely new navigation system in a potentially incomprehensible foreign language. The search for the right connection always follows the same principle.

The first time you use the Android app Öffi asks for a region. This is then always taken as default, but can be changed for travel any time.

Then you are at the starting point of the connection and the end point. If desired, the application will detect their own location and uses this as a navigation base. Similarly addresses can easily be taken from contact or favorite stops are elected. After that, the desired departure or arrival period is selected. In addition, some transport can be specifically excluded from the joint.All available connections are displayed by the app as a graphic. By the beam-like representation, footpaths, arrival times and waiting times at a glance during transfers. If you have selected a link, to open extensive details about the route.

Öffi app links

All target compounds are automatically stored by the app. Optionally, users can also be added to the calendar planned trips. Then the phone remind in advance because you should make your way soon. Even the sending of compounds found possible by e-mail.

Route planner with stops search

In addition to the direct connection search the Android application provides a function stops. The application collects their own location and displays all the stops in the vicinity. In addition to the general direction and distance you can see all departure information of the holding where transport.

Öffi app stops