With the Wind mobile app Surfer must not chase the perfect wave and paragliders never stand again with folded umbrella on a slope with no breeze. The weather app for air and water sports evaluates data from more than 4,000 weather stations and provides accurate forecasts for over 15,000 spots. All locations can be displayed on Google Maps and radius search allows spontaneous trips and relocation.

Windfinder app for natural athletes

For those who rely on natural forces at his hobby needs accurate weather values. Most programs for weather forecasts provide a good overview for the day and more or less reliable forecasts. While that's enough really for choosing the right outerwear, but many athletes do not meet these specifications.

The wind Finder app was designed specifically for kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors and paragliders. In addition to the usual information on temperature and cloud cover, the Android application provides current measurements and predictions for the movement of air and water masses.Wind mobile app

Windfinder makes accurate information on wind and waves

The Weather app is specialized in the most accurate representation of the swell and the wind conditions.

In addition to diagrams from actual measurements a weather forecast in periods of three hours each will be offered. The hours accurate prediction is available in the Pro version, which can be bought for € 1.59 within the app. In the extended version of the commercials, which otherwise run across the bottom of the screen are eliminated.

For each period, the average and maximum wind speed is specified. An arrow and grade specifications state the exact wind direction.

Also, the swell is predicted with maximum accuracy. The Android application specifies both the height and the wave period. Equally helpful is the indication of tides. The state of the tides can be seen at a glance and provides water sports all the necessary information on the water level.

Weather with measured values ​​of your choice

Depending on the sport speeds and heights in node miles, meters or feet can be given. Once you get used to the terminology, enough a few numbers to form a complete picture of the weather.

So no one has to convert the values ​​that users can select the form of presentation of measurements in the wind mobile app free. Just for the wind force km / h, m / s, mph and Beaufort are with kn, five different units to choose from.

Windfinder App units

Who once wants to get a rough idea can be based on the color of the app. The developers have chosen a color scale for all values ​​of the can be identified favorable weather conditions. Once you get used to the different sounds that color coding is quite helpful.