Super Wave P8

Of the Super Wave P8 Download equipped studios with a trance synthesizer VSTi basis. This means delicious sound for any audio workstation, the azure really comes with the VST standard. Free.

Super Wave P8 download as a free VST instrument

Beginners are happy with Super Wave P8 have a good, full sound and a lot of the included presets. Ambitious sound designer in turn can let off steam at two oscillators with discrete filters and envelopes for filter and amp two separate delays and two LFOs with many routing destinations and an additional modulation. The modulation targets are not quite as sophisticated as for example in a massive, but what kind of synth can already say that.

They should maintain seven magical controllers, the Super Wave detune, for a rich, spacious sound. The free VST instrument Super Wave P8 professionals obvious at first glance, but served equally well for beginners. The sound is great, only one arpeggiator could miss friends of cultivated trance. But today is already present in most DAWs. Conclusion: Definitely recommended.