Sportractive app

Sportractive app

The Sportractive app is a fitness tool for android phone that records your sports activities and analyze, yet does not bother with advertising or unnecessary additional functions – all for free and without registration.

Sportractive appWith the Sportractive app you stay fit – to let nerves without you advertising or having to divulge too much about you. (Picture: Sportractive / Editorial)

Get fit with the Sportractive app

AND a free ad-free fitness app is not there? From this thought, you can watch adopt – that exists very well. And it records everything you need without overloading you with unnecessary stuff.

Who are running, walking, cycling and even swimming, rowing, horseback riding and other outdoor activities to his favorite sporting activities, comes to a suitable GPS tracking app today around any more. Too big are the advantages of having one such apps. They trace the route including elevation changes, show us how fast we were traveling and can even specify how many calories we burned during exercise.

Often, however, those apps bring annoying advertising or are overloaded with features we do not need. And all that often at a high price, sometimes even a subscription.

Sportractive other hand, is completely ad-free, and I need you not to create an account. Simply Sportractive app download, and start making physical information.

Sportractive app to record routesVia GPS can be record your routes. The app then creates you from Statistics. (Picture: Sportractive)

Highly configurable

Before you start with the workout, you have to make yourself a few details. These include your age, height, current weight, sex and – if known – your maximum heart rate. The weight can you enter a new one every day. In a diagram, you, the tool then a weight trend. Also, neck, waist and hip measurements to be registered. the your BMI, WHtR program and the body fat over time calculated from these values.

Then it can start with the training. A total of 25 outdoor and four indoor activities can select your. Make your decision for one, your GPS turns on and makes you on the way. While you’re on the go, the app Sportractive your distance, speed, even crested altitude records. Does your a heart rate monitor, you can connect and record these values ​​there with the smartphone.

After the workout you see at first glance what you have achieved your: The section is displayed in color depending on the speed, the training data – pace, time and Co. – can you depending on your preference display.

Sportractive app targetsYou see directly what you have achieved your and you can also set goals. Your data stays with you. (Picture: Sportractive)

Set your training objectives

Also your training goals you can agree beforehand. You want to do interval training? Provides’s one and the app makes you attentive during training on the different sections.

Overall, the speech convinced. If you want, you can watch milestones, for example, can each kilometer, announce. Here, however, you can the app via other apps like Spotify listen to music. The music is switched only briefly a little quieter in announcements of Sportractive, but then running full on.

Do you have something not measured or forget a workout to track, you can enter these values ​​later manually. According to the statistics maintained.

Everything stays in the app

Many fitness apps guide the user for further analysis and statistics on websites. In Sportractive everything stays in the app elsewhere nothing is saved. Therefore, I need you also register anywhere or create an account.

So far, the tool for Android devices from version 4.1 is available. You can find more Sports software for free download in the download area.