Bubble Breaker

In Bubble Breaker, it lets it rip the player. Typed to one of the colored balls on the screen, this and all adjacent balls explode same color. Bubble Breaker follows the same gameplay as the classic Poppit HD. At the start of a game, the playing surface is completely filled with balls of different colors. Color same balls in contiguous groups of two or more you can explode with a mouse click or a finger gesture on touch-screen on one of the balls. In the resulting gaps balls underneath move up. The more balls are being demolished at the same time, the more points hike on the player's account. A worldwide leaderboard completes the logic and skill game. Bubble Breaker attracts players rather with an addictive gameplay as with high-end graphics in its spell. Due to the relatively short playing time of a game, the free game loads Windows 8 always too short not playing.