Chrome hybrid

After free Chrome Hybrid Download use a total of four variants Chrome users. Besides the classic Chrome version, there are versions Home, Hybrid and safe. All four variants can be individually adjusted and can be used in parallel. Here, thanks to hybrid Chrome Portable: So all tools can be started without installation from a USB stick. Who is looking for a portable browser, Chrome has hybrid four customized tools to choose from.

Chrome Hybrid Download

use four browser with the Chrome Hybrid Download

The various Chrome versions provide for each Surfverhalten the appropriate settings, so users do not need to use or incognito mode add-ons installed to block annoying advertising. The four versions can be started via a launcher and have the following priorities:

Fast browsing with Chrome Hybrid

Those who opt for the hybrid Chrome download available for the same browser version, has chosen the fastest version. The version promises faster browsing than the standard version of Google. Chrome applies already from home as brisk browser and was further trimmed hybrid of speed.

Ad-free surfing Chrome Home

Anyone who bothers especially on annoying banners, pop-ups and advertising clips, Chrome Home should test. Here all disturbing impressions are blocked and users can browse ad-free. Flashy animations and flash advertising windows belong to Chrome Home the past.

Anonymous browsing with Chrome Safe

With Safe users surf anonymously via a proxy server. This by being redirected to another site that certain information be removed or tampered with their own IP address will be obfuscated. For example, the location or the Internet provider can not assign correct. All stored data is automatically deleted when the program ends.

Familiar browsing with Chrome Classic

This variant is the Slim version of Google Chrome. The only real advantage of this tool is that so Chrome is portable. Otherwise Chrome Classic largely corresponds to the official Google version of the popular browser.

Advantages of the package

The Chrome Hybrid Download brings four, independent and versions of Google Chrome at the same time to use. Annoying setting adjustments will be useless. There is a suitable variant, which can be opened with a single click and without prior installation for each surfing habits.