Cabal 2

Cabal 2

The patience of the fans of the free-to-play MMO Cabal Online was put to a severe test. But after the appearance on the Asian market is the Cabal 2 Download finally arrived in Germany. With one of six classes of gamers plunges into the second part of the fantasy adventure. Various dungeons and combat systems are available – only this time in better graphics and with a little more story.

Cabal 2 Download: The better Cabal Online

Although ESTsoft could enter 2006 huge success with the fantasy adventure Cabal Online, the development of a successor has brought all the threads of patience fans almost to breaking point. the community was on tenterhooks for nine years, but now the second part is finally available in Germany. With the Cabal 2 Download Gamer dive back into a fantastic world in which they must assert themselves as heroes. Part two occurs extremely action-packed MMORPG in the footsteps of its predecessor. However, the weaknesses of the first album were tackled and promoted: gameplay and graphics have been improved, the story was expanded.

Cabal 2 Download

Cabal 2 comes with new fantasy adventure

As with the previous ESTsoft lodged with Cabal 2 the focus clearly on action. Many skill-based and fast-paced battle scenes wait for the gamers. However, before he can dive into new adventures, he has to choose one of six classes. You can choose from in the second part:

  • Warrior: Specialized in the melee, bringing his enemies with his two-handed sword to case.
  • Force Blader: Dominated melee and ranged combat and uses as a weapon a kind of blade that penetrates his opponents with enormous speed.
  • Force ArcherIs perfectly equipped for long-range combat. The Force Archer fights his enemies from a safe distance with the bow.
  • Force Shielder: Is designed for close combat, plunges into battles to protect his companions.
  • Wizard: The missile is the strength of the wizard, the havoc by energetic rotations tremendous damage to the enemy.
  • Priest: The priest has healing powers, to protect themselves and allies.

Cabal 2 Download Characters

The game offers users a variety of options to combine his character. As in part one of this is going to win in the game of fame and power, gain more weapons and equipment as well as new skills.

RPG with many dungeons and combat systems

After downloading Cabal 2, the user enters a huge fantasy world. The developers have developed seven different dungeons, including the peaceful acting Frost Rock Forest, mines in Lupur’s Excavation Site and Hall of the Recluse.

Cabal 2 Download Dungeons

also ensure the various combat systems that can gamble gamers for extremely a lot of action and variety. Choose from Battlefields (two pieces), the Battle Mode of the different classes, continuous skills, Combo Attack and Finish Blow.