Star Defender 2

Star Defender 2

With free Star Defender 2 Download the user is catapulted into the universe from now on the same. As starship captain it is important to turn off aliens and other creatures. Over 100 levels and many dangerous missions make for impressive graphics for more than adequate power and shooting deposits.

Star Defender 2 download for sci-fi shooter fans

As infinite as the expanse of the universe is also the offer of free games software. They range from tricky thinking and puzzle games about adventure and role-playing games to action-packed shooting games. To the latter is also in the present here Download Star Defender 2. This shooting game awaits intrepid gamers who should bring the following requirements: You must feel comfortable in the sci-fi world, they should have a soft spot for the universe and can think of nothing better than to whip a la Darth Vader, the laser sword to fight aliens and overpowering strangers. Who feels addressed is the right place for Star Defense 2 in each case. In over 100 levels, gamers can put their endurance to extremely many opponents to the test.

Star Defender 2 Download

System requirements for the Shooter Game

The download of the game is free and can be done on Windows PCs. the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 are supported The computer should have a 500 MHz or higher processor and 128 MB RAM. In addition sind32 MB of video memory required and the multimedia interface DirectX 8.1 should be given.

Challenging space battles in Star Defender 2

In the shoot’em-up of the action content is clearly in focus. Unlike many sci-fi and fantasy games, which are equipped with a complex, imaginative story, the background story is rather beside the point here. however, is crucial the consolidation of dangerous enemies and great space battles. Therefore, the Star Defense also brings 2 download with more than 100 levels or game levels through which the brave space hero has to fight. The higher he gets, the deeper he dives into the infinity of the galaxy and also meets other, more dangerous aliens. There are over 30 different species on the enemy side. Each Gegnerart is completely different: They fight and act differently, have very different capabilities, forces and weapons. The life time can be very different. In addition, nine missions in the game have to be fulfilled have what it takes. About Mighty bosses of various kinds each level must be defeated in the end.

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Star Defender 2 Download fighting

Equipment and bonuses Shooter

Not only the density of the battles and duels make the heart of shooter fans beat faster. Also, the equipment and the weapons range from powerful spaceship to lasers or shield are not bad. Galaxy hero fall on the one hand in exciting individual struggles against UFO they conquer with a laser. On the other since there are large slaughter of entire groups that can mean victory or doom. Who proposes bravely, can einheimsen up to 17 different bonuses. Entertaining action-shooting fun Gamers who play for good cook can do without content, such as a traceable background story times and just want losballern times are right here. The graphics are appealing and the high degree of action and fight scenes makes for entertaining gameplay.