Everest Home (AIDA32)

Everest Home (AIDA32)

With the Everest Home Download – formerly known as AIDA32 – the user receives a diagnostic and benchmarking software for Windows. The freeware analyzed the inner workings of the hardware and the software installed provides detailed data on CPU, RAM, video card, drives, and Windows APIs. The manufacturer has discontinued the development of Everest Home but in of 2005.

Everest Home Download: diagnostic tool with built-in PC Benchmark

The analysis tool helps users not only in-depth Check-up of your own computer – it also provides important tips about how vulnerabilities are patched and the entire system can be optimized. For this, the assistant accesses its comprehensive database consisting of hardware and software information. is opened after the Everest Home Download the program view, one is immediately reminded of the Windows built-in device manager. In the program menu, you will find a brief overview of the components sorted by category. The individual sections include the areas Computer motherboard, display, multimedia, disk, network, DirectX, equipment and Benchmark. In order to provide reliable data, the tool maintains, moreover tests and diagnoses for example, to speed through.

Everest Home Download

Diagnose hardware and software

For detailed information displayed for each component to get the user first selects the desired component category, such as sound, graphics or network. Is the memory (RAM) is selected, the diagnostic tool over the entire available and used memory information. He also provides information on the status of the so-called swap file. The benchmark tool are not only detailed Information on all hardware, it also knows all about the State of Softwar. Thus, the system diagnostic software informs the user, among others with how it is with the digital health status of the antivirus software and firewall. The analysis program can therefore determine whether to worry about the PC protection is justified or not. Furthermore, provides the diagnostic tool for friends of benchmarks useful results with regard to memory performance. In addition to the memory read throughput the software also determines the memory write throughput. Practical: The helper also determines the delay time at which the system accesses stored data. Benchmark Results comparing the tool with a number of so-called reference systems. The better the performance of the hardware, the higher its own system in the rankings of all available computer systems stands.

Everest Home Download - Benchmark

Everest Home Download brings a digital guide for less experienced users. Small drawback: It’s in English. The support document explains users the program operation and provides information on the proper interpretation of results.

Limitations of Everest Home (AIDA32)

The software is no longer being developed.