WISO entrepreneurs Suite

Of the WISO entrepreneurs Suite Download was renamed WISO entrepreneurs 365. The program package provides companies a comprehensive range of tools for all sorts of tasks in everyday operations to side. From the management of the warehouse and purchasing via payroll or sales organization to the financial accounting functions of the Shareware rich.

WISO entrepreneurs Suite download for profit-loss statements and as a payroll accountant

The latter does the bookkeeping, including data transmission via Elster to the tax either completely in the house or preparing financial data for the DATEV handed over to the tax advisor before. Here, this division of WISO entrepreneurs suite for reporting entity is also for those that create the financial statements, profit and loss accounts or revenue-surplus calculations. The payroll accountant of WISO entrepreneurs Suite settles salary payments for up to 15 employees, with hourly billing are possible as well as part-time wages and special payments.

Directly from within the program, this module also accepts data transfer to social security, health insurance and Finzanzbehörden. Furthermore, the storekeeper of WISO operator reserves Suite inflows and outflows in the article bearing in mind and created largely automated order lists if a particular product threatens to run out. Invoices supplier pays this department thanks interface to online banking also directly from the software.

WISO entrepreneurs Suite Download

Finally, the integrated customer, item and service management helps to support sales. This includes in the WISO entrepreneurs Suite also the administration of due invoices, open items and the control may due dispatch. As the name WISO suggests Suite entrepreneurs, this shareware a package of several individual components is Who does not need the entire scope of services for the following individual programs are also available in our software catalog for download. WISO Accounting 365 and WISO wage & salary

Limitations of WISO entrepreneurs Suite

30 day trial that requires a free registration from the manufacturer.